South Carolina Neurological Association Annual Meeting: Advances in Neurology
September 15-16, 2023 Charleston, SC at the Hyatt Place on King Street in Historic District

Objectives of the South Carolina Neurological Association:

  • Foster the science and progress of neurology
  • Serve as an influence toward the maintenance of high professional and administrative standards thereto related, and to assist the AAN in promoting its aims and objective.
  • Improve the treatment, rehabilitation, and care of neurological patients
  • Promote research, professional education in neurology, and allied fields, and the prevention of neurological disabilities;
  • Advance the standards of all neurological services and facilities;
  • Foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, social, and legal aspects of neurological health and illness;
  • Promote the best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of neurological services.

Mission Statement

The South Carolina Neurological Association is a not for profit educational association that exists to promote the neurological health of South Carolinians, to foster the development and fellowship of physicians and medical professionals who have similar interests, in the practice of neurology and to maintain the highest standard of clinical practice in the field of neurology.

 The South Carolina Neurological Association provides physicians with an opportunity to connect with and collaborate with other neurologists and healthcare providers in South Carolina to stay informed about the latest clinical advances and research findings.

South Carolina Neurological Association Bylaws´╗┐

Executive Committee

Tushar Trivedi, MD, PhD, MPH
Medical Director of RMC Primary Care Stroke Program
Orangeburg Hospital, Regional Medical Center

Vice President:
Nishanth Kodumuri, MD
Vascular Neurology
Prisma Health

SCNA Executive Director: 
Marie Queen
1215 Anthony Ave
Columbia, SC 29211